Education Loan for Abroad Study

An education loan, also known as a student loan, is a type of loan specifically designed to finance the cost of education. It is a financial assistance provided to students or their parents to cover expenses related to tuition fees, books, living expenses, and other educational necessities. Education loans are typically offered by banks, financial institutions, and government agencies. They are available at various interest rates and repayment terms, depending on the lender and the specific loan program. These loans can be used to fund education at all levels, including primary school, secondary school, undergraduate studies, graduate studies, and professional courses.

Document From Ward Office

  1. Income Verification Certificate
  2. Tax Clearance Verification
  3. Relationship Verification Certificate
  4. Address Verification
  5. Birth Registration Certificate

Academic Documents

  1. Offer Letter college/University
  2. Latest academic certificates/any equivalent certificates as applicable
  3. No Objection Certificate issued by the Ministry of Education

Collateral Related Documents

  1. Lalpurja (Land Ownership Certificate)
  2. Original Trace map (Naapi Naksa from Napi Office)
  3. Original Four boundary certificate (4 Killa)
  4. Tax paid receipt for land & building
  5. House map approval from Municipality/Concerned government authorities
  6. Building construction completion certificate
  7. Property Valuation Report

Others Documents

  1. Loan Application Form
  2. Citizenship of Borrower/Guarantor/Collateral Owner
  3. Passport as applicable
  4. Photograph of Borrower/Guarantor/Collateral Owner(PP Size)
  5. Income Source Documents
  6. PAN Certificate of borrower

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