South korea e-7 visa for Nepalese

The Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Security has prepared to give manpower professionals the responsibility of sending workers on E-7 visas to South Korea.

A few days ago, manpower professionals submitted a request to the ministry that they should be able to send workers on E-7 visas. They demanded that the E-7 visa is different from the EPS system and that they should be able to send workers to this system.

Rajendra Bhandari, president of Foreign Employment Professionals Association, the umbrella organization of manpower professionals, submitted 19 points of demand before the secretary of the ministry, Keval Prasad Bhandari, and mentioned that they should be able to send skilled workers on E-7 visa. Joint Secretary and Spokesperson of the Ministry of Labor, Rajeev Pokharel, says that the government will take the initiative to send as many workers as possible on this visa because the E-7 visa is very good for workers in terms of earnings and service facilities.

Manpower professionals are saying that we send them. The Prime Minister is saying that the E-7 visa should be sent through EPS. The E-7 visa is different from the EPS. Korea transports workers on this visa through the private sector (Betubi). We are discussing this further with the Prime Minister,” Pokharel told. Currently, Korea is taking workers through the EPS system. The EPS is being taken through the government mechanism (JTUG). Along with Nepal, workers are being taken from 16 different source countries including Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand.

E-9 is the type of visa that those who go under the EPS system get. Korea is hiring unskilled workers through EPS. The duration of the contract for those who go this way is four years and 10 months. If you continue to work in the same company without changing the company for the last one year, the commitment agreement is valid.

A five-year contract period is added. They get continuous employment for 10 years. Workers who go through EPS earn a minimum of two lakhs. Joint Secretary Pokharel says that the minimum wage of those who go on E-7 visa is also higher than that of EPS.

What is an E-7 visa?

According to Joint Secretary Pokharel, the minimum salary for this visa is around 3000 US Dollars (400,000 Nepali Rupees). He said that other service facilities will also be good. Employers also provide benefits including insurance for those working on such visas. The duration of such visa is initially three years. In special cases, it is mentioned that it will be up to five years. Joint Secretary Pekharel says that the contract period for such visas will be unlimited.Korea’s E-7 visa is a visa for skilled foreign workers who have acquired expertise or technical skills in a specific field. Migrant workers on this visa can also bring their families with them.

Korea is offering E-7 visas especially to people with expertise in various fields including Electrical/Electronic/Mechanical Engineering, Hardware/Software Development. According to various international media, since 2022, the country has adopted a policy of increasing the quota of migrant workers working in technical professions. The quota of workers who have acquired professional skills such as welders, painters, etc. for the construction of ships has been increased.

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