Japan SSW visa and Training Visa ,Which is better ? – Yeti Vlog and Guide

Those who can work in Japan as a SSW must be over 18 years old in a good health, have the necessary occupational skills and Japanese language ability to work immediately without receiving any particular training. Skills and Japanese proficiency will be confirmed by a unified test conducted by Japan. In principle, you can work for up to 5 years in total, but you cannot bring your family. In addition, the major difference from other status of residence to work in Japan is a support system. You can receive a wide range of support for life and work from your employer while you are in Japan, from the time you arrive to leave for your home country.

There is another program called “Technical Intern Training”, which aims toward providing international contributions by having workers share skills and knowledge that they acquired through on-the-job training in Japan throughout their home country after returning. Those who have satisfactory completed Technical Intern Training are able to switch their status of residence to SSW in the same field without taking occupational skill exams and Japanese proficiency tests.

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