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The Technical Intern Training Program was established as a formal program in 1993 based on the high evaluations of training programs conducted by overseas local companies and others in the form of employee education starting in the late 1960s.

The objectives and purpose of the Technical Intern Training Program are to transfer skills, technologies, or knowledge (“Skills etc.”) accumulated in Japan to developing and other regions and to promote international cooperation by contributing to the development of human resources who can play roles in the economic development of those developing regions.
The objectives and purpose have remained constant since the establishment of the Technical Intern Training Program in 1993, and the Technical Intern Training Act provides that a fundamental principle of the program is that “technical training shall not be conducted as a means of adjusting labor supply and demand” (Article 3, Paragraph 2 of the Act).

The particulars of the Technical Intern Training Program are intended to form employment relationships between corporations, sole proprietors, and other businesses in Japan with technical intern trainees so that the trainees can acquire, master, or enhance Skills etc. that would be difficult to acquire in their home countries. The training period is a maximum of five years, and acquisition of Skills etc. is conducted pursuant to technical intern training plans.

There are two types of procedures for accepting technical intern trainees: individual enterprise type and supervising organization type.

As of the end of 2016, 3.6% of acceptances were individual enterprise type and 96.4% were supervising organization type (based on the number of technical intern trainees present in Japan).

  • Individual enterprise type:
    A format whereby enterprises and other businesses in Japan (implementing organizations) accept employees of overseas local subsidiaries, joint venture companies, or trading partners for technical intern training
  • Supervising organization type:
    A format whereby non-profit organizations such as business cooperatives and societies of commerce and industry (supervising organizations) accept technical intern trainees for technical intern training at affiliated enterprises (implementing organizations)

After technical intern trainees enter Japan, they undergo Japanese language lectures and other lectures to acquire knowledge and information necessary for their legal protection and then acquire practical Skills etc. under an employment relationship with a Japanese enterprise or other business (implementing organization) (in the case of the individual enterprise type training, the lecture implementation period need not begin immediately after entering the country).

Individual Enterprise T

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