Malta work visa 2024

Malta is a very small but beautiful EU Country that has attracted many international foreign applicants in the last few years. Still in the eyes of many people. Moving to Malta is relatively straightforward. This post will tell you about the Malta Work Visa Process and the requirements to obtain a Malta work permit. The process is very cheap. Malta is an EU country so the benefit is you can also travel to other EU countries without a visa.

Malta Work Visa Requirements

Here is the list of documents that you need to submit when applying for a Malta work visa and work permit:

  • Your valid passport. Make sure your passport has at least two blank pages for the visa and entry stamp.
  • Work visa application form. The application must be completed and signed at the end. Make sure you fill the application form with your updated information.
  • A passport-sized photo. Make sure the photos are with colors and with a light background. See Schengen photo guidelines for further information.
  • A work contract. The work contract must contain your job description, salary, beginning date, and end date of employment.
  • Your updated CV.  You must prepare a CV with your previous work experiences and references from your employers.
  • Medical insurance. You must purchase travel health insurance with at least €30,000 coverage within the Schengen area, valid for the initial duration of your trip. Since you will likely live and work in Malta long-term, after arrival, you should register for a more comprehensive health insurance policy.
  • Accommodation proof. Document proof that you have a place to stay while working in Malta. It can be a rental agreement, hotel reservation, a letter of invitation from your friends, family members, etc.
  • Flight itinerary. Proof that you have booked a flight to Malta.

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