Portugal Job Seeker visa !! Visa without job Offer

The Portugal Job Seeker visa is designed by the Portuguese government to bring in Nepalese citizens and other non-EU nationals into Portugal and help to compensate for labour shortage in the country. With the help of this innovative program, talented non-EU citizens will be drawn to Portugal and access the resources they need to find work.

This visa can only allow Nepalese citizens and other non-EU nationals to search for job opportunities in Portugal and not in any other country in the EU or Schengen zone. If you are a Nepalese citizen with an entry restriction into Portugal or another member state of the EU, you will not be issued a Portugal Job Seeker visa. If you obtain a Portugal Job Seeker visa, you must first find a job in Portugal before you can apply for a residence permit to remain in the country after the expiration of your visa. As a Nepalese citizen holding a Portugal Job Seeker visa, you are permitted to stay in Portugal and seek employment opportunities for up to 4 months (120 days). You are also granted the opportunity to extend your stay in Portugal for an additional 2 months (60 days) to continue your search for job opportunities if you could not find any within the initial 4 months.

All foreign nationals entering Portugal to seek jobs must present a round-trip flight ticket back to their countries before they are issued the Job Seeker visa. The holder of a Portugal Job Seeker visa is only granted 1 entry into Portugal. Therefore, you will not be permitted to visit any other country within the validity period of your Job Seeker visa. When you get a job in Portugal, and also obtain a residence permit on your Job Seeker visa, you will be allowed to bring your family to join you in Portugal.

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